Defence Forces to Carry Out Five Major International Exercises This Year
Eestlased Eestis 09 Mar 2012  EWR
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Estonian Review
This year the Estonian Defence Forces will carry out five major international exercises and operations. In the period from 11-27 May, the navy will carry out an international maritime operation, Open Spirit, in the course of which World War-period explosives will be sought out and disposed of, the Defence Forces headquarters told BNS.

In June the US European command will carry out the land forces exercise Saber Strike. From Estonia the Scouts Battalion, the Ämari Air Base, officers of the North-West Defence Area, and non-commissioned officers from land force units will take part in the exercise.

In June the logistics part of the biggest naval exercise in the Baltic Sea, BALTOPS, will take place in Estonia. In its course a logistics unit of US Marines with its equipment and machinery will arrive at Paldiski Port on board ships. Assemblage of the equipment and machinery and getting it ready for use will be taught at Paldiski.

From 27 June until 2 July the Baltic countries will organise the Baltic Host receiving country exercise at the Simulation Centre of the Tartu Defence College. In addition to people from military structures, representatives of civilian agencies connected with the reception of allied forces, Poland, a German-Dutch Corps, and the US European command will also take part in the exercise.

In November the NATO Naples joint command will carry out a NATO response exercise, Steadfast Juncture.
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