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We would like to share with you some recent successes for The Singing Revolution this year.

First, the public television release exceeded all expectations. In a matter of months the film had 800 broadcasts on PBS stations across the country, many of those in prime time. There is no doubt The Singing Revolution will exceed 1,000 broadcasts before the release is finished. The Wall Street Journal ran a wonderful article on the television release with more than a ½ page in full color:

Second, in October we released an enhanced 3-Disc Educational 1.1 DVD Set that includes 25 lesson plans for use in a variety of classroom subject areas. This was made possible by several generous grants so that the DVD Set could be offered to teachers for free. In a matter of days over 3,000 DVD sets were ordered by middle and high school teachers in the U.S. In fact, we were on track to distribute over 10,000 DVD sets, but we had to stop the promotion as we only had 3,000 available at that time. Those 3,000 alone will reach one million students over the next three years. We are in the process of trying to raise more funds to release the DVD Set through this special teacher service again next fall.

A brief reminder that the year-end discounts are available to all of our TSR friends through the end of the year (details below).

Thank you all for your support. From the theatrical release, to television, and now into the classroom and special screenings, your support and encouragement is so greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and we wish you a wonderful holiday season! Häid jõule!

Maureen & James Tusty
The Singing Revolution Filmmakers

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