Dear mycophile,
Arvamus 30 Jun 2011  EWR
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Please find attached a reminder Notice of our 2011 Foray. If you like to know more, and to register, download our Special Foray Issue of Omphalina . Only a bit over a week left to take advantage of the Early Bird savings. We are 60% filled, so registration now is prudent, if you are planning to come to this year's foray.

I don't know what advice to give you regarding the postal strike. Probably mail your registration and hope it ends soon, but that may not be the smartest. Perhaps email your form, with note that cheque in the mail?

We have tried to eliminate duplicate notification, but due to addledness of the undersigned, may not have been successful. If you already have the notice or Omphalina from another source, please forgive our error and trash this.

As always, you are getting this email because we have your name as somebody interested in nature and mushrooms. If you do not wish to get our notices, please reply with "unsubscribe" in the subject or body of text, and we shall remove your address from our list.

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