Dear Friends, There is a saying in Estonian: Let’s stay together because there are so few of us.
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There is a sense that the we have come back to a time when big countries really don’t care about the little nations like us. We have to stay together not only politically, but culturally. We have a place in this big world. We struggled to gain a foothold, and we must struggle again so that we are not forgotten again.

Come to the West Coast Estonian Days! We’re expecting you. No need to beg because it’s understood that this is where you need to be. Let’s stay together.

The 33rd West Coast Estonian Days take place at the UCLA Conference Center from 31 August until 4 September. You can book rooms in the hotel up to three days before the opening until three days after the closing event.

Information, hotel booking, and event pass sales are to found at our website: Note: Hotel rooms are only available until 18 August.

The Estonian Days today needs help from our friends in Estonia. But guest performers need our financial support. Part of that support comes from your event pass purchases, part comes from our sponsors, but this is not enough. If you have the means to support the Estonian Days with a more generous contribution, we would be most thankful and you will help to guarantee that the Days will continue beyond 2017.

It’s time, friends, it’s time!


Uve Sillat
West Coast Estonian Days President
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