Cyberwar Is Hell
Arvamus 29 Jul 2010  EWR
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While we obsessed over Russian spies, top diplomats were working to stop a greater espionage problem: the threat of cyberwarfare.

Simon D. Warren / Corbis [via]
We’ve been focused on the wrong spies. When 11 Russian sleeper agents were discovered living in the United States—and then sent home in exchange for their counterparts—it was hard to resist the sexy espionage tale with echoes of the Cold War.

But while we’ve fixated on Anna Chapman and her cohorts, top diplomats were working on a wonkier but more important advance in spycraft. This month, experts from 15 countries agreed to begin serious negotiations on establishing international norms on cybersecurity. This story is far more significant in the long run because, without basic agreements about cyberspace, cyberattacks, and even cyberwars could become a daily danger.

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