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Council of Community Cultural Centres formed sub-comittees
Archived Articles 21 Aug 2009 Estonian Central Council in CanadaEesti Elu
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The Council of Community Cultural Centres meeting held a meeting on August 13th at the Ukrainian St Volodymyr Cultural Centre Inc. [SVC] in Oakville. This meeting was organized by the Central & Eastern European Council of Canada.
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Attending were respective representatives/managers of (front row from the left: Ukrainian (St. Vladimir Institute [SVI]); Estonian (Estonian House Toronto – A. Kittask, Estonian Central Council [EKN] & Tartu College – J. Meri & Seedrioru – E. Hess), Latvian (Latvian Cultural Centre [LCC]); [SVC]; Czech (The Masaryk Memorial Institute [MMI], Scarborough) Back row from left: [LCC] - I. Purvs; [SVC]; [MMI]; [SVC]; [LCC]; [LCC]; [SVI]; Meeting chair – M. Hess [EKN]; [SVC].

Five sub-committees were formed to address the following common issues: 1) Co-ordination of intercommunity events. 2) Senior citizens. 3) Communication among and sharing of facilities. 4) Youth. 5) “New wave immigrant” engagement into mainstream community activities.

Photo and text: EKN.
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