Copenhagen climate agreement to have positive effect on economy
Eestlased Eestis 11 Nov 2009  EWR
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Tallinn, Riigikogu, 11 November 2009 – According to Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, the Copenhagen climate agreement will have a positive effect on the economy as well, because the security of investors to utilize renewable energy on a wider scale will increase and, as a result, the need for state benefits will decrease in the long-run.

“Today, security for investment into renewable energy will be created through the aid of state benefits and policies, but it is important to appreciate the positive effect of the Copenhagen climate agreement on the economy as well,” said Prime Minister Ansip when opening the energy conference “A Clean Energy Future”, organized in cooperation with the Danish Embassy and Parliament, at the Riigikogu. “In 2009, an estimated MEEK 456 will be spent to support wind energy in Estonia,” he said. Ansip recalled that a large proportion of the wind turbines in the world have been manufactured right here in Estonia, which means jobs and tax proceeds. “The security of investors is essential, as their contribution to the economy and the development of the new green cluster is extremely important,” he stressed.

According to the head of government, it is important to remember that the termination of the use of fossil fuels is a gradual process and in addition to the introduction of new solutions, attention must be paid to making existing technologies cleaner. According to Ansip, it is remarkable that today, virtually every country in the world is thinking about how to be the most environment-friendly and participating in the international climate negotiations process. “The world has understood that the climate change issue must be dealt with. And in my opinion, this is a great result,” Ansip said.

The Prime Minister was also hopeful that an ambitious climate agreement would be reached in Copenhagen. “Estonia is ready to make its contribution to achieve that,” said Ansip, who will also be attending the Copenhagen Climate Conference to be held on 17 and 18 December.
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