Continued Engagement Underscores Commitment to Security
Eestlased Eestis 08 Jun 2010  EWR
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Embassy of the U.S., Tallinn

Five hundred U.S. Marines arrived in Tallinn on Saturday in preparation for the upcoming NATO BALTOPS military exercises. On Monday, two U.S. F-15 fighter jets arrived at Tallinn Airport, with General Jack B. Eggington (Director, Air and Space Operations, Headquarters U.S. Air Forces in Europe, Ramstein Air Base, Germany) on board. General Roger A. Brady, Commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, also arrived on June 7th and will help to kick off a military engagement seminar, that will bring together military officials from seven European countries to carry out a war game designed to explore joint warfare concepts and capabilities. Such clear examples of engagement, ranging from rank-and-file enlisted men, to the highest officers in our military's leadership, underscore the U.S. and NATO commitment to the security of Estonia and the region.

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