Competition for Estonian-Latvian and Latvian-Estonian Translation Award Begins
Eestlased Eestis 01 Feb 2010  EWR
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Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Latvian Foreign Minister Māris Riekstiņš tannounced on January 29th the opening of the competition to recognise the best Estonian and Latvian translators. The best translator of 2009 will be announced in March of this year.

Paet stated that the goal of the Estonian-Latvian translation award is to express the value of works that have already been translated and inspire young Estonian-Latvian and Latvian-Estonian translators. “The Estonian-Latvian and Latvian-Estonian translation award emphasises the importance of the Estonian and Latvian languages as well as cultural exchange in order to advance the professionalism of translators of literature as well as political, popular science, historical, sociological, memoirs and other texts,” asserted Paet.

Paet stated that the translation award demonstrates the extremely good relations between the ministries of Estonia and Latvia. “The translation award, is being financed by the Estonian and Latvian foreign ministries,” said Paet.

The agreement that established the Estonian-Latvian and Latvian-Estonian translation award was signed by Paet and Māris Riekstiņš on 18 February 2009. The monetary value of the award is 3 000 euros, to which both sides are contributing equally. The jury will contain the ambassadors of the two nations, the heads of the cultural departments of the two foreign ministries, and the directors of each nation’s literature information centre.

The idea to establish the award came from Estonian Ambassador to Latvia Jaak Jõerüüt and Latvian Ambassador to Estonia Kārlis Eihenbaums.

Nominations for the competition can be made using the application form found on the Foreign Ministry’s home page:

The deadline for nominations is 19 February 2010.

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