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Citizenship, a notion undergoing adjustments in many different countries (II)
Eestlased Kanadas 20 Jun 2014 EL (Estonian Life)Eesti Elu
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Laas Leivat

Citizenship and dual citizenship has been in public debate in the following three countries, Russia, Canada, Estonia, - all with their own set of pro and anti positions

The Kremlin is convinced that citizenship is a measure of loyalty to one or another country. They’re convinced that owning only Russian citizenship eliminates the possibility of being disloyal. The legitimate political opposition in Moscow is often times called disloyal rather than opposed to the personalities and policies of those currently wielding power.

In adjusting the requirements for acquiring Canadian citizenship the government is looking to drastically shorten the backlog of tens of thousands of applicants (many of which will be ultimately rejected for lacking appropriate qualifications) and streamline the admittance procedure. It also is mindful of the use of Canadian citizenship as a “citizenship of convenience” whereby Canadian citizenship is acquired not for the intention of living in Canada but rather for a future contingency use.

Estonia’s open debate involves the wise/unwise policy of allowing dual citizenship for more than those who have it from birth and, due to a constitutional guarantee, cannot have it taken away. The Citizenship Act currently states that those who also hold citizenship by birth in a second country have to give up one of them upon turning 18.

Estonian citizenship, based primarily on the principle of jus sanguinis is governed by an April 1995 law. (Today the citizenship laws of most countries are based on jus sanguinis.) Eligibility for Estonian citizenship based on birth: those born to parents, at least one of whom was an Estonian citizen at time of birth (regardless of place) are automatically citizens. Based on place of birth: Those born in Estonia are eligible for citizenship if at least one parent has Estonian citizenship at time of birth. Based on marriage: Anyone who married an Estonian citizen before February 26, 1992 is eligible for citizenship.
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