Chose Freedom Tour Missions: Superhero concert in Tartu
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Illimar Tambek
VNL [Vabadus: Noorte Liikumine] is a Christian youth organization that helps youth make good decision in their lives by sharing the truth about sex, drugs, alcohol and relationships.

Estonia is the most secular country in Europe and we want to make a difference. There are actually people here that have never heard anything about Jesus.

Most of the youth in Estonia believe that getting drunk, smoking, doing drugs and having random sex is freedom.

We want to change that. We are going to schools talking to kids about true freedom - the freedom to choose your own path, not what the society thinks they should have. We talk about the "why?", not the "how?" when it comes to sex, smoking or drugs. We share personal stories how God has set us free and we now can be truly free and live resposibly.

For a lot of these kids, it's the first time ever they hear about God.

It's forbidden to talk about God in most schools so if we want to reach the youth, we have to be really sensitive of how we're going to do it.

To do that, we are organizing a tour around the schools of an Estonian city called Tartu. The tour will take place in 23-28. April, this spring. We have a great Christian band called Superhero coming from the UK and we have 2 churches working with us.

During this one week, every day we go to a school and in the morning we do lectures in classes and have mini-concerts during the breaks. In the evening, all the studenst are invited to the local youth group, where we they can see what christian youth really look like (most of them don't even know christian youth exist).

At the end of the week there is a big concert and also gospel is shared. Usually, we meet around 1000 students during the week, around 200-300 come to the concert and we have around 40-60 new kids coming to the youth groups after the tour.

What We Need & What You Get
We need 2000$ to cover the expenses involved with the tour. None of this money is going towards salaries or into somebody's pockets. We're all volunteering.

Band transportation from UK to Estonia
Equipment rental (sound, video, drums)
Venue rental costs
Tour promotion with flyers, posters and in Facebooks
Accommodation and food for the team
If we don't reach the goal, we can still use the funds - we probably need to cancel some of our plans, but we're still going to do it - maybe only on a smaller scale.

The Impact
By helping us You help us to change the fate of a nation. You help to turn this countries young people towards Christ and help them live a full, rich life instead of living as slaves to alcohol, random sex and drugs.

This isn't the first time we are doing something like this - actually - it's the 7th tour we are doing and each time we have reached over 1000 students with the message of freedom and each time hundreds hear the gospel for the first time in their lives. We really are making an impact on the youth of this nation.

Other Ways You Can Help
Please pray about the tour:

That the schools would be open for us (we're not allowed to talk about God in schools)
That the hearts of the students and teachers would be open to the message of freedom
That the students would come to the youth groups after the concerts
That the team behind this tour would be humble tools for God
Oh, and please share! :)

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