Chinese accused of harvesting body parts from Falun Gong members
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The Red Chinese, who have admitted to annually harvesting body parts from 4,500 criminal convicts under death sentence, have now been accused of also including incarcerated members of the Falun Gong, followers of a non-violent philosophy, in this gruesome practice. This claim has been made by a Chinese investigative reporter, formerly with a Tokyo television station and a former wife of a doctor who had harvested body parts. The claim has been carried over to the West by The Epoch Times, a Falun Gong publication.

Six thousand Falun Gong - also known as the Falun Dafa - have been jailed beside the Sujatun death camp in the NW city of Shenyang, province of Liaoning, for nothing more than belief of their philosophy and for practising Tai Chi-like exercises. Of them 3,000 have allegedly had body parts removed and then cremated, according to the reporter for a Tokyo newspaper.

The body part transplants are usually performed by doctors in Hong Kong or mainland China. Lately there has been a rush to have the surgeries performed before July of this year, anticipating a price increase, which is suggested to have come from exposure of the story.

Other publications that have carried the story include the National Review, the Washington Times and the Toronto Sun, as reported by Peter Worthington.

A US State Department investigation went to the the prison to investigate the charges three weeks after the story broke. Of course, investigators found no corroborating evidence.

Since then the Red Chinese president Hu Jintao has toured the US. Falun Gong demonstrators have been demanding that his administration stop the harvesting of body parts.

A most dramatic demonstration took place this year on Wednesday April 19, on the White House lawn in front of US President George W. Bush and Hu, when a Falun Gong practicioner, Dr. Wenyi Wang, with The Epoch Times press credentials, spent 3 minutes demanding freedom for the Falun Gong, and dropping a yellow banner. The Epoch Times denied that she was acting on their behalf when she made her outburst. Dr. Wang who has been following the body parts harvesting story for The Epoch Times "lost it" when she saw Bush shake hands with Hu.

The Epoch Times also reports that almost ten million members of the Chinese Communist Party have turned in their membership cards, largely as a result of reading The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, an exposure of the evils of the Chinese Communist Party.

When Bush mentioned to Hu that the US anticipates China embracing democracy, Hu said they already are democratic. Hu's idea of democracy does not include free elections. Bush also asked that Chinese currency be freed to trade on the open market, and perhaps thus to come closer to that of the US, and reduce the emormous annual 202 billion dollar trade deficit. To that Hu replied, "maybe".

Is it any wonder that Bush didn't host Hu to a state dinner, simply a lunch?

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