China and Canada: this was the year that was
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Will the year of the pig be better?
Danielle Zhu, Senior Producer at NTD TV. Photo: Adu Raudkivi - pics/2007/15185_1.jpg
Danielle Zhu, Senior Producer at NTD TV. Photo: Adu Raudkivi

It began with Communist TV in Canada. While people were still getting over their new year's celebrations, the Canadian Radio Television Commission (CRTC) snuck in approval of 9 Chinese television stations, which were immediately embraced by Rogers Cable's soon-to-be monopoly. These television stations are controlled and owned by the communist state of China and lack the sense of humour displayed by the CBC.

In the meantime Rogers has yet to allow New Tang Dynasty Tele Vision (NTD TV) a slot in its stable, even though it has had CRTC approval for over a year. The lame excuse is that the NTD TV allow their network free access, which is what the communist stations do as well. The real excuse is that NTD TV is Falun Gong, an enemy of the communist regime. What was the fault of the Falun Gong, a non-violent Tai Chi like movement? Well, nothing really, except that they were getting too popular during the first six years of their existence (seven years ago, when they were banned).

How did the Falun Gong displease Ted Rogers? He receives 9 stations in a burgeoning Chinese market by banning one, simple math.

More complicated math comes when Chinese Communist Government shows its displeasure to Canada for allowing Falun Gong protesters to demonstrate in front of Communist Chinese Consulates, threatening economic consequences. But wait a minute, Canada imports more from Communist China than it exports, many times more. It is now hard to purchase many products that have not been made in China. Yet that is constantly used as a threat.

Communist China has also shown its displeasure towards Canada by not granting it preferential trading partnership. That means tourist group tours are not allowed to come and spend the money they have made from trading with Canada. That is not simple math, unless you consider the 350 billion dollar railway that Bombardier is building through Tibet, which does not really do Canada any good.

During the year it was concluded that the Communist Chinese were harvesting body parts from Falun Gong prisoners and criminals under death sentence, to be transplanted into paying customers. The Falun Gong were in a prison like over 100,000 are and would be "used" as they were needed. Two notable Canadians, former Secretary of State David Kilgour and human rights lawyer David Matas formed a commission to investigate the allegations. Though they were denied entry to Communist China, they contacted enough people to verify the accusations.

This past year the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, through his Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay has shown displeasure with Communist China's record of human rights. They have even mentioned the trade inequities, what sacrilege...

This shameful behaviour has been a departure from former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's many visits and the less frequent, but often enough by former Prime Minister Paul Martin. Communist China's President Hu Jintao even tried to snub Harper at the APEC Conference in Vietnam.

Now, however, Minister of Foreign Trade, ex-Liberal, David Emerson is going to Communist China to sort everything out. He will explain to Communist Chinese President Hu Jintao that foreign trade Canada-style is really outward when it refers to the US and inward when it comes to China, in true Liberal style.

Despite the fact that Communist China is sitting on an economic surplus of in excess of a trillion dollars US, Canada through its foreign aid arm CIDA, gives China more aid than any other country.

While we are all showing great concern over world-wide pollution, China, the world's biggest country is exempted from the Kyoto protocol. Unlike the US, which hasn't joined the "Protocol", but has a better track record than Canada, China's is abysmal. Its rivers and lakes are polluted and its cities are under a haze.

The Chief of the Calgary Police Service Jack Beaton has taken a major step in reversing the trade direction. He's gone to Communist China to hire 60 policepersons for Calgary. "I didn't realize very, very few people speak English over there, especially in policing," said Beaton. Former Canadian diplomat in Hong Kong who blew the whistle on corruption on Canada's immigration office, Brian McAdam said,"Because China has a long, documented history of corruption within its police agencies, Calgary could be a prime target for infiltration." McAdam adds,"any attempt by Calgary police to recruit from the ranks of departments in China would be 'pure insanity'. "

The theory by Communist China apologists is that by trade we will encourage them to change their ways, yet the same people insisted that we isolate the apartheid Republic of South Africa to effect the same end. The exercise on South Africa worked, so what do they expect from Communist China?

There are stories, from defectors from Communist that developed countries in west, Australia, US and Canada, are being subjected to espionage by Communist China. A rumour has it that Canadian coins have listening devices embedded in them. Now if you see someone speaking to a handful of change he won't be crazy anymore, he'll just be filing a report.

We know that the Desmarais family, owners of Power Corp are behind this contact with Communist China, and that they have "owned" enough prime ministers to effect this (Harper excepted), but that the country would follow blindly to their doom is unbelievable.
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