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Charles Kipper 1951 - 2018
12 Feb 2018 EWR Online
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Charles Kipper 1951 - 2018

A visitation on Friday, February 16th from 5-8pm at Humphrey Funeral Home. Memorial service Saturday, February 17th at 11am at the Toronto Estonian Baptist Church

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Jaak Jarve

Lost a very good friend and Estonian community music man today. Charles Kipper 1951-February 9, 2018. My deepest condolences to Elli, Mai and family.

Bob Gray My condolences. He was a respected classmate of mine from U of T. I followed him to Sir Sandford Fleming SS back in the days 1980. He brought the Estonian Choir to Yorminster Salvation Army Church one Christmas. I will miss him. Way too early. Prayers.

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First conductor of the Toronto Estonian Academic Choir "Ööbik" (Nightingale), seated at the piano on the Choir's 5th anniversary at Tartu College. He composed the motto music to Lydia Koidula's poem "Teretamine" (Greeting) for the first rehearsal on Feb. 2, 1995.

Mall Puhm foto.

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In 1996 the Toronto Estonian Academic Choir "Ööbik" sang for Arvo Pärt at an award event. Pärt snatched conductor Charles Kipper's fraternity cap and put it on his own head! Rest in peace Charles, 1951

From the left,

1st row: Elsi Linkruus-Truant, Anneli Lilhein-Jaeggin, Tamara Norheim-Lehela, Charles Kipper, Arvo Pärt, Mall Pärn-Puhm, Avo Kittask, Erika Pahapill, Allan Liik,

2nd row: Elle Ellerhein-Orav, Alliki Arro, Tiina Annus-Otema, Alli Vähi, Marje Laanes-Laansoo, Aime Hanslep, Kersti Viilup-Lepik, Tiina Viilup-Timusk,

3rd row: Andres Raudsepp, Kai Hansson, Reet Lindau-Voksepp, Maret Rammo-Pajo, Anne Kõressaar-Altosaar, Selma Kase-Hogg, Mare-lii Soots-Eelnurme, Aino Uus,

4th row: Urmas Migur, Aksel Pügi, Jaak Riga, Tõnu Altosaar, Jüri Laansoo, Rein Pajo, Juhani Eistrat, Mati Matsoo, Ülo Isberg.

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Stephen Bell

Dear Charles Kipper

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You are light, strength, love and music. You were a teacher, a musical partner in crime, dear friend and a second father to me. The adventures we have had, the concerts in different countries, recordings we created, but more importantly the memories we shared as we met each week. You taught me my heritage, and showed me a world of music I never knew before.

A part of me cannot process that you have left us. Grief, and pain are hard to accurately write or convey, this is what your impact was on myself, your family and friends and community. Charles, you touched so many lives with your kind and warm heart. You gave and taught so much more than music. My deepest thoughts and prayers are with Elli Kipper and Mai at this time.

Heaven has gained a hero, a passionate leader and teacher to its chorus. I know my Estonian family above will be first to welcome and thank you for giving what you have, and guiding me in the times we shared. I know my grandma was at every rehearsal, and concert we shared, and my, the stories and laughter you will now share, Please give everyone my love, and tell them we will give a grand concert again one day! I will continue to learn the legacy you taught me.

Thank you Charles, for sharing your life with us. You are so dearly, dearly missed.

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Tallinna Lauluväljak 1996 Roman Toi, Rosemarie Lindau, Charles Kipper

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Katrin Veski

Armas Charles Kipper in Tallinn 2009, just before the rongkäik to Lauluväljak.

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Ingrid Sepp Jaenes Charles Kipper 1951-2018. Meie Toronto Eesti Koolikoori muuskaline hing, kes hiilgas heast energast. Lapsed ja lapsevanemad jäävad Sind igatsema ja tänama ilusate mälestuste eest. Aitäh!

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Reet Lindau-Voksepp ja Charlie

Südamlik Tänu meie Charlesi'le.
Ilma Charlita Toronto Eesti Koolikoor poleks Laste laulupeol olnud.

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Toronto Eesti Koolikoor

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Põhja-Ameerika eestlaskonda on tabanud valus kaotus. Jää hüvasti, Maestro Charles Kipper! Sügav kummardus ja tänu kõige selle südamega tehtud tohutu töö eest, mida eestluse edendamise ja koorilaulu traditsioonide nimel aastakümneid tegid! Südamlik kaastunne kõigile lähedastele.

Ando Kiviberg


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Üks lugu. Charles Kipper


Saatesari: Üks lugu

Elli Kipper

I don’t even feel like this is real. On Friday, the world lost a wonderful teacher, crazy amazing piano player and musician, the calmest man and most importantly the MOST AMAZING FATHER. He inspired so many people. The words that have been shared the past few days and the overwhelming support and love that everyone has shown has been so so wonderful. We will be having a visitation on Friday, February 16th from 5-8pm at Humphrey Funeral Home. Memorial service Saturday, February 17th at 11am at the Toronto Estonian Baptist Church.

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