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Canadians Against Russian Autocracy to Hold Demonstration Supporting Human Rights and Democracy in Russia
Eestlased Kanadas 22 Mar 2011  Eesti Elu
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Toronto, Ontario – Canadians Against Russian Autocracy are organizing a protest at the Russian Consulate in Toronto at Bloor and Church on March 31, 2011 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. This will be the first large Canadian contribution to a worldwide movement that protests the anti-democratic nature of the current Russian government on the 31st of every month with 31 days.

Canadians Against Russian Autocracy is calling on the Canadian government to put visa restrictions on all Russian officials personally responsible for oppression and initiate a process of exclusion of Russia from the G8 for its uncivilized and undemocratic deeds.

“With marked aversion, we are witnessing an increasing violation of the Russian Constitution and abuse of human rights by the Russian Government,” as it was put by a Russian immigrant. “The Russian Federation has increasingly moved towards autocracy in the last 10 years. The twentieth century taught us that autocracy may easily turn into tyranny and become gravely dangerous to the entire world. Those who ignore this fact and treat the Russian government as representative do so at their own peril.”

Strong denunciation of the above mentioned tendencies by the Canadian government will be in tune with recent decisions of the European Parliament and put more pressure on the Kremlin to restore Constitutional rights to Russians. As a leader in protecting human rights in the world, this sort of action is in tune with Canadian history and tradition.

The Rally in Toronto will be in synch with similar demonstrations taking place in more than 70 Russian cities and more than 10 world capitals in support of Article 31 of the Russian Constitution, which guarantees Russians the right to assemble and protest freely.

Canadians Against Russian Autocracy encourages the Canadian government and Parliament to demonstrate their real support for human rights and democracy and take an action.

For more information contact:
Ivan Yushin
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