Canada’s cure for the common cold: H1N1
Eestlased Kanadas 22 Dec 2009  EWR
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Jane Taber, Globe and Mail

An unexpected positive outcome of the H1N1 pandemic is that common colds and food-borne illnesses are on the wane compared to other years, says Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer David Butler- Jones.

“Other infectious diseases, other respiratory diseases like colds are spread very similarly (like H1N1) in terms of rubbing hands, rubbing eyes, nose, mouth, putting our fingers in our mouth as well as food borne illnesses,” says Dr. Butler-Jones in an interview today.

“So the food borne outbreaks, we seem to be seeing fewer.”

He said that he has no statistics. Yet monitoring is being done, which shows that fewer Canadians seem to be suffering from the common cold and also from food poisoning.

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