Canada Post and love: A match made in postal heaven
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Whether it's a Valentine's Day card or wedding invitations, two very special post offices see an influx of mail at this time of year. The Love (Saskatchewan) and St-Valentin (Quebec) post offices, because of their aptly named towns, will cancel twice as much mail as usual over the coming weeks, with a special cancel designed for the romantic at heart. Already, mail is coming in from across Canada and also from countries such as China, Japan, Hungary, United States, Switzerland and France.

Love (SK): With a name like “Love” it is difficult not to make the link with Valentine's Day or any romantic gestures. While the post office has been serving the community since 1935, it was in 1984 that the first cancel was created. The village is home to about 100 residents and local postmistress Connie Black-Sturby is in her first year as postmistress.

St-Valentin (QC): Canada Post's love story with the municipality of Saint-Valentin goes back to February 1994 when a special cancel was first created for this post office. Each year, this little post office serving about 500 residents sees thousands of mail items coming through for local, provincial, national and international destinations.

For those who would like to obtain the special cancel on time for Valentine's Day, send your addressed card and affix postage. Place it in a larger envelope (with proper postage) and send to:

Liliane Baribeau, Postmaster
Canada Post, Saint-Valentin
J0J 2E0

Connie Black-Sturby, Postmaster
Canada Post, Love
S0J 1P0

The postmark will be affixed and your greeting card sent to your Valentine. For a destination within the province, allow at least six working days for your card to reach the post office, be cancelled with the special postmark and reach your loved one. Allow more time for other destinations within or outside Canada.
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