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and whose ideas demand immediate response. Prepare for the New York City Estonian Cultural Days in the spring of 2009!

We invite all the artists of Estonian descent who live in, around, and beyond New York City to create new artwork (or renew old masterpieces) that fit within the theme of HOME in its broadest and most diverse sense. All media is welcome.

For some of us, HOME is a specific physical place. For others, it’s more like a smell or light or sound or a memory of all those things. Some people feel at home anywhere they go. For others, a homey place can be only one small corner of the wide world.

Moreover, our rapidly globalizing society has brought fresh nuances and flexibility to the meaning of HOME. Many ‘homes’ have been created in the internet community by a large crowd of enthusiasts who feel more home in a virtual world than in the real one.

Home is traditionally a protected place that prefers not to be too exposed to the wider world. Being an artist allows us the freedom to challenge the world and ourselves, including our followers and our critics. We invite you to break the traditions built by the traditions and commit yourselves to explore new and provocative ideas about HOME to share with the public through your artwork.

We plan to repeat the format of the rather successful Art-Lounge that took place in the New York Estonian House in June 2008. The art will be digitally projected while the artists discuss their work and ideas with the audience.

This format gives an opportunity to introduce many artists, and it seems that the shared experience of looking together is warmly appreciated by all.

There will be limited physical wall space available that we may try to utilize as the process of putting together the Art Lounge develops further.

Everyone who is interested in joining the event should please send their chosen work in the form of low-resolution jpg images to Leevi Ernits at the address by Jan. 15, 2009. Add a short description of how your artwork relates to the theme HOME.

Please spread this message to all artists of Estonian descent near and far.

Any questions, suggestions or complaints may be sent to the address above.
We will be waiting for your response!

Leevi Ernits and Jaanika Peerna
The organizing team of Art-Lounge 2009
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