Calling all musicians and singers
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Dear Friends,

Eesti Maja in Lakewood invites you to a weekend MUSICAL JAM SESSION on June 2 and 3... an Estopalooza if you will. The purpose is to bring together musicians of all variety and skill level to come and jam together, to meet old friends and make new ones. Spectators are more than welcome--- won't be any fun without an audience! If you have taken part in any ESTO Suusapäevad or spordipäevad you have seen the guitars come out and experienced the good times. Same thing, but we're just kicking it up a notch.

A full sound system (PA system), drum set, bass guitar, bass amp, piano, cords, stands, microphones will be provided (and I'm still hunting for a xylophone) . You can play either electric or acoustic. We will also have a karaoke machine complete with all the hits. THE STRUCTURE OF THE EVENT DEPENDS ON THE FEEDBACK I RECEIVE FROM YOU. (SEE THE QUESTIONNAIRE BELOW.)

There will be a BBQ on Saturday evening. The bar and cafe will be open on Saturday and Sunday. Bring a tent and camp out. The saun will be open for the weekend. The cost will be $15. Food is extra but reasonably priced (and good eatin'!). Tenters may come Friday night, but the music festivities will begin on Saturday.

I would like your feedback ASAP so we can make sure we are organized accordingly (Please, no later than May 1) Please respond to myself at or to Karin Lichter at or to Tarmo Tammaru at . I am really looking forward to seeing all of our collective musical talent come together to rock the place!

See you there,
Paul Mohlman


Will you come?
Player or spectator?
What instrument?
What equipment will you bring (guitars & amps are encouraged)?
Do you require anything special to play?
Would you be interested in helping write a song commemorating the event (to be done through email using some sort of new-fangled technology and played there for the first time)?
Will you participate in "Who can write the best song in ½ hour with people whose names are drawn from a hat" contest (and then play it)?
Do you have any other ideas for the event?
P.S. Please forward to others and spread the word, as my email list is woefully out of date.
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