Brussels marks Estonia's Independence Day
Archived Articles 02 Mar 2007  EWR
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The European Parliament marked Estonia's Independence Day on February 27 in Brussels with a screening of the movie The Singing Revolution followed by a reception, organized by the Estonian Riigikogu.

The event was initiated by Estonian Europarliamentarians Andres Tarand and Tunne Kelam. Filmmakers James and Maureen Castle Tusty also participated, flying in from New York for the festivities.

Tunne Kelam noted that the screening of the movie is of considerable benefit for casting light on the so-called white patches of Estonian and Eastern European history. Many European parliamentarians may be unaware of these and other historical events of significance. The event of February 27 is a step toward a balanced and common understanding of European history.

Andres Tarand added that it is important for Estonians to tell all about their history. The process of regaining independence for Estonia is a unique tale, one that should be told at every opportunity in Europe. Making such acquaintance with our history enables others to understand our country and Estonians better, said Tarand.

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