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“It’s easier to say what it’s not than what it is”

Too expensive, of course, to be considered costume jewellery — which it is isn’t, because it’s sterling silver so it’s precious metal. But it’s not “diamonds and fine jewellery either because it has this designer attitude”. It’s a bridge between the two. Some people call it bridge jewellery — the market, which has women going out and buying their clothes to go with a piece of jewellery they love, rather than the other way around.

The Miamoon jewellery collection spans both dramatic and classic styles. Maris Fine Jewellery works primarily with sterling silver which is associated with the moon and stars which are cool and icy. Silver is also known from earliest of times as a “noble” metal for articles of value — a description that aptly fits all pieces in the Miamoon collection.

The blend of modern, contemporary Australian style with a hint of Danish flavour is evident in the “Australian liquid sterling” collection. This influence has resulted in jewellery with high impact. These bold designs are executed by hand in exquisite detail that form a dramatic fashion statement for persons with sophisticated tastes.

I will be exhibiting at the Canadian National Exhibition in the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies building from August 17 to Sept. 3, 2007. For more info call 416 767-6969, toll free 1-877-287-5274
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