Bird Droppings from Estonia: Eurovision redux
Archived Articles 01 Jul 2009 Hilary BirdEWR
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We take our Eurovision very seriously up here! I have just been watching the re-run of the Song Contest 2009 that was being played as part of the run up to the All-Estonia Song and Dance Festival that starts this Friday and couldn’t resist a quick ‘drop.’

Generally, I thought the Russians hosted it well – smart venue, Cyrillic script in English, an amusing poke at their authoritarian traditions and Cirque du Soleil slithering around in jelly above the heads of the audience while we waited for the votes to be counted - an altogether pan-European affair. Rather a lot of fiddling going on this year – Estonia, UK, Norway all featured strings.

Here’s the ‘Droppings’ picks ...

Socially concious
Israel: There must be another way. Yes there must! Nice

Malta: What if we ... I like this! Streisand-esque

Classy and too good to win:
Estonia: Urban symphony . Good lyrics – read ‘em at

UK: It's My Time . Showtime! Great singer, great, frock, smashing song

Jolly fun
Moldova: Hora Din Moldova. Worst frock in the contest. Reminds me a bit of Toni Basil - remember Hey Mickey?
/> Sweden: La voix. Nice voice. Frock a bit iffy …

Romania. Balkan girls just wanna have fun…but need better song

Turkey: Dem tek tek . Fab acrobat! Sanitised belly dancing and the girls have been busy with the peroxide …

Azerbaijan: Well, I liked it. Good Euro tat !

Exceptionally silly
Ukraine: Be my valentine.. Britney wannabee + centurions…

And the winner? Well performed, good Euro material (bounce, bounce) by cute fella if you like that sort of thing …
Norway. Fairy tale
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Vaata veel ...

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