Bill Browder at Tartu College
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May 1. Free event.

Bill Browder, a leading expert on corruption and violation of human rights is a speaker in demand worldwide. After his lawyer Sergei Magnitsky died in prison in 2009 in Russia, Browder has been on a crusade exposing Russian corruption and human rights abuse.

He urges governments to use visa bans and asset freezes as an effective way to combat injustice in Russia. In 2008, Browder's lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, uncovered a massive fraud committed by government officials and involving the theft of US $230 million in state taxes paid by Hermitage in 2006. After testifying against the officials involved, Magnitsky was arrested and imprisoned without trial. After a year of pre-trial detention he died in November 2009 at age 37 from torture and denial of medical care.

Legislation was introduced in the US Congress, the Parliaments of Canada and Europe to implement visa bans and freeze the economic asset of those culpable. These are the same tactics that have been used by many Western nations in response to Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

On Thursday, May 1, Bill Browder will share his experiences and how all this is relevant to understanding current events in Europe.

Admission is free. For more info contact: .
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