Big Bear Lake, California
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We have a new location in Big Bear Lake for our festivities, Buttercup Campground to better accommodate everyone (last year 75 participants). This is a group campground with great open space to accommodate everyone, room for kids to play, close to hiking trails, large fire pit, barbecue and tables. Whether you are coming for the day, a night or the weekend, Celebrate Mid-Summer/Jaanipäev in a traditional setting of forest, lake and mountains. Bring a light jacket or sweater, as the night time temperatures can drop down in to the 40's at night, with day time temperatures in the mid 70's or so.

Contact or 310.383.7893 if you would like to stay at Buttercup Campground, the cost (pay Robert at campground) will be divided by how many people will be staying there, children 12 and under stay free. The cost per person per night is as follows:

30 people (adult) - $3/night

25 people (adult) - $4/night

20 or less people (adult) - $5/night

The campground is walking distance from Snow Summit (ski lift is open) and you can enter from the resort side or from Elm Street

There are other campgrounds, cabins and hotels to stay for a night or the weekend, visit or contact the club for suggestions.

There is no official program for the weekend, except the Sunset cocktails on Friday evening and the bonfire on Saturday evening. There are numerous other activities to do in Big Bear Lake, especially for children, swimming, water slide, bob sledding, boat tours, play a round of golf, visit the animal park, petting zoo, zip lining, walk around village and best of all, enjoying friends and relaxation. To find out what else there is to do, check out

Here are other options that you may want to do with friends.


If you like jazz, this is the weekend for you as well, the Big Bear Jazz festival is going on at the same that we will be there, check out their site

3:00 - 4:00 PM Animal Feeding Tour at Big Bear Alpine Zoo 43285 Goldmine Drive, 909.584.1299

6:00 PM - Sunset cocktails/appetizers/dinner at Big Bear Mountain Cabin (43578 Yosemite Drive, Big Bear Lake) Stop by for a bit, have a drink, relax after your drive up the mountain, meet new and old friends, stay for a while, no rush to leave. Some refreshments will be provided, this is a bring your own drinks/food function, refrigerator, stove and barbecue are available.


Let us know if you would be interested in participating in volleyball games, wine tasting, hiking or any other activity and we'll try to organize these events with others. If you would like to perform (sing, dance, tell stories, recite poems, provide music, .....) in the evening, let us know that as well.

5:00 PM - ? - Games and Mid-Summer fire at Buttercup Campground. Stop by anytime beginning at 5:00 PM. The campground is located on a forest service road between Summit Blvd and Elm Street, Due to limited parking, unless you are staying overnight at the campground, please park along Summit Blvd and walk toward the resort and turn left on the forest road (last road before the fence) and follow it for a few minutes to the campground sign. Bring a flashlight.


You are on your own to explore the area and you might find others to join you. If anyone needs a place to hang out for the day before driving home, you are welcome to stop by Big Bear Mountain Cabin, same place as Friday night sunset cocktails.

Any questions, comments or reserving a space at Buttercup campground

This will be our second year going to Big Bear Lake. Anyone with any ideas or suggestions for this or next year's event, please let us know.

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