Beyond the Border Action Plan Implementation Report shows solid progress on trade, travel and security
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December 19, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Barack Obama, President of the United States, today welcomed the release of the second annual Beyond the Border Action Plan Implementation Report. This report outlines the progress made by Canada and the United States to implement the Beyond the Border Action Plan - an agreement that was put in place to enhance our mutual security, prosperity and economic competitiveness.

“Canada and the United States are making meaningful progress in implementing the Beyond the Border Action Plan. We are already seeing improvements in the flow of goods and people over a more secure Canada-U.S. border,” said the Prime Minister. “We remain committed to fully implementing this transformative long-term initiative, which is critical to the future prosperity and security of citizens in both countries.”

Over the past year, significant progress has been made across all areas of work under the Action Plan. Benefits are emerging for citizens, travellers and businesses in both countries as we work together on this joint approach to perimeter security and economic competitiveness.

The Beyond the Border Action Plan, announced by both leaders on December 7, 2011, sets out ambitious milestones designed to advance economic opportunity and enhance security between our two countries. Canada and the U.S. remain committed to the full implementation of the Action Plan and will continue to focus efforts on ensuring that progress continues on all elements of the plan.

As well, both countries will continue to work towards ensuring transparency and accountability around the initiative. Over the coming year, stakeholder engagement will be deepened by establishing a process for more regular and extensive consultations, and our Government will keep Canadians informed of progress on the Action Plan throughout the year.

The third Canada-U.S. implementation report is expected in December 2014.

The report is available at
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