Being a typical Libra, I need to balance my art as well as life.
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Mostly, I paint Structural Hard Edge Abstracts, measuring, taping, and applying acrylic paint vigorously on huge canvasses.

Then, it’s time to gaze out from my balcony, towards the west, overlooking English Bay , where all the international ships are waiting to unload or load up their cargo.

The back drop is the snow capped North Shore mountains, Bowen Island and stunning evening sunsets, which inspire me to pull out my watercolours and quarter sheets of Arches paper, run upstairs to paint plein air alla prima, that is on location, all in one go, real fast! The shifting clouds, tides and light wait for no one!

This is my third year of organizing the successful MID MAIN ART FAIR at the classy Heritage Hall in the center of Vancouver ’s unique shops and restaurants.

I’m pleased and honoured that almost all the award winning artists have returned year after year. It is here that I will be premiering my BALCONY SKIES and SHIPS IN THE BAY.

This is also a golden opportunity to view new the works of:

Enda Bardell, John Beatty, Jackie Conradi-Robertson, Anne Gaze, Marney-Rose Edge,
Jennifer Harwood, James Koll, Debra McArthur, Rithea Lamarche, Faith Love-Robertson,
Tristan McElheron, Edward Peck, Emanuelle Renard, Cheryl Roller, Betty Sommerville,
Roxsane Tiernan, Larry Tillyer


Sunday June 10, 11 AM – 6PM

3102 Main St. @15th Ave Vancouver , BC V5T 3G7

Free admission! Bring your friends!
You and your friends will have an opportunity to win an unframed watercolour of your choice from the rack by entering your name in the draw box.

Looking forward to seeing you real soon,

Enda Bardell

PS Please visit and read my blog too, if you have time.
PS Please let me know if you no longer wish to receive my art news .
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