Beevor receives Estonian State decoration
Archived Articles 04 Jun 2008  EWR
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Estonian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Margus Laidre presented historian and professor Antony James Beevor with the Order of the Cross of St. Mary’s Land 3rd Class at the Estonian Embassy in London on Monday, 2 June.

The high Estonian state decoration was bestowed on the famous historian on the eve of Estonia’s 90th Anniversary in February by Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

Ambassador Laidre said that this honorary award recognises Antony Beevor’s great work and comprehensive research on the Second World War and the 20th century in general. “Antony Beevor has shown with his objective approach that even winners’ history has dark spots, that not nearly all want to see publicised,” he noted.

Accepting the award, Antony Beevor said that he is deeply touched and also very grateful to the President and people of Estonia for such a great honour.

His most well-known books and popular histories on the Second World War, Stalingrad and Berlin - The Downfall 1945, have also been translated into Estonian. The Mystery of Olga Chekhova is the last book by Beevor translated into Estonian.

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