Baptist pastor Jaan Puusaag
Archived Articles 04 Apr 2008 Eva VabasaluEWR
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On Sunday, March 30th Jaan Puusaag preached his last sermon to the Estonian United Baptist Church of Vancouver’s congregation, although he promised in his best Arnold voice, "I’ll be back."

Pastor Puusaag is an extraordinarily talented big-picture man, a contemporary, quoting excerpts from Stephen Covey’s excellent book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People." He is endowed with three very strong gifts that befit a Minister: firstly his strong oration skills which standing alone are very remarkable, secondly his ever present comedic wit guaranteeing much laughter, and thirdly, how many Ministers are able to accompany the congregation’s hymn singing with violin accompaniment?

There is also a transparent decency about the man, a man committed to his vocation giving the impression that there is no finer occupation than serving Christ by ministering to his congregation totally, absolutely and gladly. Most inspiring is his passion, a fervor that oozes out of him whenever he speaks to a gathering. Who cannot be affected in the cradling of such rapture?

Other highlights were Terri Johanson’s choir including performances by the wonderful Soide sisters and Mae Magil. And the final cherry heaped on this luscious mound of Sunday morning goodness was the invitation by Anne Lepik after the service to partake of the coffee, sandwiches and torte, the latter being in celebration of Herbert Kirves’ 82nd birthday. It was grand. I for one left the church with spirit soaring.
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