Bamboo Group releases Wind OS 1.0 - Exciting Windows Emulator for Iphone
Eestlased Eestis 23 Dec 2009  EWR
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[] Tallinn - Bamboo Group releases Wind OS 1.0, a new application for iPhone and iPod touch. Wind OS is an entertainment app simulating Windows operation system. Wind OS provides iPhone users an opportunity to dive into the well-known and intuitive environment and entertain themselves by playing Minesweeper and solving funny tasks prepared by developers.

To replicate user experience of the famous operating system, Wind OS imitates it from the very beginning, namely from the loading process. The developers strive to create a Windows presence effect by special audio and visual means imitating Windows experience. During the loading process users hear the old-hat noises of a humming cooler, and then the classic desktop screen appears displaying an easily recognizable landscape.

Qualifying primarily as an entertainment app, Wind OS still supports a few simple practical operations. One can type and edit texts by means of a notepad application, as well as a browser is available for Internet surfing.

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