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At newly released you find a selection of articles previously published in the quarterly journal Baltic Worlds. Baltic Worlds contains both peer-reviewed material written by researchers (essays) and articles solicited by professional writers (features), as well as reviews and interviews. All scientific articles have been peer-reviewed. The scientific advisory council includes scholars from several countries and disciplines.

On the web site the articles are arranged in chronological order. They are categorized according to the same vignettes used in the journal: essay, feature, review and interview. To navigate around the site, simply search using the tags. It is easy to leave a comment on the individual articles, and it is possible to suggest an article to a colleague. Baltic Worlds on the Web is a space where views and ideas on research can be exchanged, in good scientific tradition.

There are several links on the web site to institutions and organizations engaged in research on the Baltic region and Eastern Europe.

On the web site you can subscribe to the printed publication Baltic Worlds free of charge.

There are also unique texts on the web site. In an exclusive interview professor Birgitta Almgren, discusses her study on Nazi-German infiltration in Sweden and the offshoots, in Cold War Sweden, of the GDR’s policies. She is now requesting that the Swedish law courts make it possible for her to continue her research by granting her access to the so-called Rosenholz files. In a fresh comment professor Klas Åmark, Coordinator of the Swedish Research Council’s research program Sweden’s Relationship to Nazism, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, argues for a release of the Stasi-material.

Baltic Worlds is a quarterly publication, with international distribution. It is published by the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) at Södertörn University, and is financed by funds made available by the Östersjöstiftelsen (Baltic Sea Foundation). Baltic Worlds aims at individuals and institutions with a professional interest in the economy, politics, culture, and history of the Baltic Sea region. Baltic Worlds seeks to disseminate knowledge about the research being conducted on and in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe.
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