Baltic States Russia’s Next Target after Georgia and Ukraine, Says Russian Analyst
Eestlased Eestis 07 Mar 2014  EWR
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Andrey Piontkovsky. Ria Novosti - pics/2014/03/41648_001.jpg
Andrey Piontkovsky. Ria Novosti
The fact that the European Union “swallowed” Russia’s aggression against Georgia led to the events in Ukraine, and once the EU bows to Russia, the Baltic states will be the next target, Russian political analyst at the Hudson Institute and organizer of a Maidan solidarity committee Andrey Piontkovsky said.

The West is unable to stop Russia, who is bent on polarizing Ukraine and taking over the Crimea, because the foreign policy of US President Barack Obama is as spineless as that of the EU, Piontkovsky said in an interview with the Lithuanian news website, reported today.
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