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Baltic Institute seeking new board member
Teadaanded 09 Mar 2012  Eesti Elu
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The Baltic Institute has a Board of Directors formed to develop the framework for this organization and its objectives. A number of prominent people from the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian communities have assembled to provide the policies and principles for the Institute to function. One Estonian has recently become politically active in local politics in NJ, and has failed to attend the last several sessions.

The Board is seeking a replacement Estonian from an academic, research or legal background that would be able to participate fully in the meetings, which have been convened in Rockville, Maryland at the Latvian Church and Retirement Home. So, the candidate should be able to travel to that location for the meetings, which have been occurring every other month or so, depending on the completion of ongoing development work with the other Board members.

Interested persons may respond with a copy of their curriculum vitae to .

“The Baltic Institute (BI) is a non-partisan U.S. based research institute dedicated to the study of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) and their emergence as a region with common interests. BI provides a forum for scholarly research, writing and debate on key issues affecting the Baltic States; activities, interactions and heritage of the Baltic people throughout the world; and fostering world-wide recognition and knowledge about the Baltic states and its people.

Among the goals of BI are the creation, collection, and dissemination of timely, objective and scholarly information, and also creation of appropriate studies about the politics, economics, societies, recent history, cultures, science and technologies, and security issues of the Baltic countries. The Baltic Institute envisions its role as both a clearinghouse of credible, contemporary information and research and as a facilitator of original work and scholarly discussions on and about the Baltics. “
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