Assaying Euro Coins - and Detecting Heart Disease, Too
Eestlased Eestis 03 Jan 2011  EWR
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ERR - The European Patent Office has granted a patent for a Tallinn University of Technology method and invention for measuring bioimpedance. The method and invention with a wide number of uses is already patented in the US and Estonia.

Developed by professor Mart Min, senior researchers Raul Land and Toomas Parve and medical school graduate Andres Kink, the method is convenient for analyzing various materials and structures - biological and chemical ones in particular - by using numerical signal processing.

The patent will be implemented for the 1.79-million-euro, two-year Safemetal project under the EU's Seventh Framework Programme that will provide a way to develop a set of instruments for rapidly assaying the metals used to make euro coins.

Educational institutions and companies from the UK, Slovakia, Greece and Cyprus are involved in the project.

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