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Arne Roosman
Inimesed 08 Oct 2010 VKEesti Elu
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Arne Roosman’s latest art exhibition was held at the Art Gallery of Bancroft in August 2010. The theme of the exhibition was “Legends and Landscapes” and 12 large works as well as 10 smaller works were displayed.

Arne has lived and worked in Bancroft as a freelance artist for some 20 years. He is well-known and highly respected in the Northern Ontario region where he has had numerous exhibitions. As well, he has exhibited in in other parts of Canada and overseas. Arne’s style is unique and diverse and he uses a variety of mediums. He is the winner of many awards and commissions and his paintings can be found in local and international collections. Arne is a member of the Society of Estonian Artists in Toronto and has taken part in their exhibitions.

Arne has written about his use of legends in his work: “My battle with legends is somewhat like the image of a jigsaw puzzle gone awry. I take ideas and put them in the wrong time such as when Joan of Arc, facing the minotaur goes for the kill, thus doing away with Henry’s conquest of France at the same time. On the other hand, I sometimes respectfully stick to the official legend. Linda is the mother of the Estonian epic hero who is also the son of Kalev and hers is an image best not tempered with.” He also uses poetry to signify his choice of legend and sometimes finds inspiration in the poem itself.
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