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Are insects the 'power protein' of the future? - Canadian Living
19 Apr 2017 EWR Online
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Paul Lillakas

Why Ontario's Entomo Farms is betting on edible insects and putting crickets on restaurant menus for Earth Week 2017.

Like it or not, insects are an age-old, affordable and sustainable alternative protein consumed around the world. In Canada, we’re seeing them pop up on specialty grocery store shelves and restaurants are catching up on the trend thanks to a handful of up-and-coming local insect farmers.

Chiropractor-turned-cricket-farmer Jarrod Goldin is betting on the future of edible insects. He co-founded Ontario-based Entomo Farms with his brothers three years ago. When asked how one gives up a career in health care for cricket farming, he says, “Well that’s a great question and one my mom asked when we got started on all of this.”