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An open letter from the Russian-Canadian media to the Government of Canada regarding Putin and Ukraine (1)
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March 1, 2014

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Harper, Hon. John Baird, Hon. Christopher Alexander and Hon. Jason Kenney,

We, the members of the Russian language media in Canada, call on the Government of Canada to immediately adopt targeted Magnitsky sanctions against Russian officials who have and/or continue to abuse the rights of Russians, engage in corruption and promote the surreptitious annexation of neighbouring sovereign territories.
Officials who serve the Putin regime must understand that Canada will not tolerate the abuse of rights in Russia nor any profiting from corruption; and that Canada will not tolerate the clandestine violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine or any other state.

We unequivocally condemn the recent post-Olympic crackdown on pro-democracy activists in Moscow and the attempts to intervene military in Ukraine.

The Russian community stands united with the people of Ukraine at this difficult time.

By immediately adopting targeted visa and economic sanctions, Canada will send a strong, direct message to those Putin officials (the same corrupt group who violate the rights of Russians) who believe that surreptitiously attempting to annex foreign territory can be done without consequence. We strongly urge you to adopt these sanctions to help stop the escalating repressions agains those who promote rights, freedoms and the rule of law and to send a message that foreign invasions and annexations will not be tolerated by Canadians.

With Regards,

Alla Kadysh
Editor-in-Chief, Gazeta Plus
Talk Show Host, Radio Plus

Igor Touchinsky
CEO, Russian Canadian Broadcasting

Boris Nusenbaum
President Russian Infotrade Ltd.
Russian Canadian Info
Gazeta Plus - Radio Plus
AM1430 Russian Week
Magazine - Russian Info Pages

Garry Kukuy
President, Russian Canadian Broadcasting

Taras Bohovych

Andrey Kravchouk Graphic Designer
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