An Estonian beauty with a big heart
Eestlased Eestis 14 Jan 2010  EWR
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Interview by Ella Karapetyan, The Baltic Times

With so many beautiful women in this world, only a select few have that ‘something really special’ that makes them rise above the rest. The 25-year-old beauty Diana Arno was the adjudged winner of the Eesti Miss 2009 competition (Estonia 2009 Beauty Pageant), which took place in Tallinn on March 12, 2009. The people crowned Diana “The Queen of Estonian Beauty,” They say she is “as pretty as a field of spring flowers.”

She is the kind of woman who is impossible to pass by without noticing. She is a combination of both external and internal beauty, as well as of style and elegance. While portraying Diana, one can say that she is glamorous and has a unique style that makes her shine even brighter. Her very feminine charm works to make her look simply gorgeous. Diana took part in the Miss Universe pageant on Aug. 23, 2009 in Nassau, Bahamas, where she proudly represented Estonia on the international stage.

Read the interview with Diana Arno at The Baltic Times:
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