American Athletes Shine in Tallinn
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Embassy of the U.S., Tallinn, February 7, 2011
Americans around the world are talking about Estonia, and not because of an important conference or political happening... but because of the stellar performances of American athletes in Tallinn over the weekend. Oregonians are rightly proud of the performance of their native son and stand out decathlete, Ashton Eaton. Mr. Eaton delivered a record-breaking performance at this weekend's International Indoor Combined Events competition in Tallinn.

The twenty-three year old Oregonian broke his own world record over the weekend. Prior to his earlier establishing of this record, it had stood unchallenged for seventeen years. Mr. Eaton's performance was not the only shining example of American athletic prowess this weekend. At Tallinn's long-running Simpel Session, a BMX and skateboarding contest, four of the five top BMX slots were garnered by Americans. Brett Banasiewicz, Dennis Enarson, Pat Casey, and Garrett Reynolds all secured spots in the top five and Chad Kerly from San Diego nailed the top spot in the "Best Trick" category. From the streets of Eugene to the small beach towns of San Diego County, these athletes have made their country proud - in sports-loving Estonia.
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