All too convenient for Mr Putin
Arvamus 27 Feb 2012  EWR
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Leader, The Independent, Tuesday 28 February 2012
Now it may be true, and it ill behoves anyone in a country that has experienced acts of terrorism in recent memory to cast aspersions on claims made by the authorities in another, similarly afflicted, country. But yesterday's revelation from Russian state television about a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, cannot but raise suspicions that something else, or something additional, may be in play.

According to Russian officials, the Ukrainian security services arrested two people in Odessa after an explosion at a flat in January. The two were shown admitting their involvement. The Russians say they were party to a plot to assassinate Mr Putin after the presidential elections. But the timing – of the alleged plot and of the revelations – cannot but raise suspicions. It is all too convenient.

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