Alissa North Puhm
Inimesed 29 Apr 2014  EWR
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This award recognizes the outstanding leadership, research and/or academic achievements of a member(s), or non-member(s), who, through scholarly activities, including academic papers, research, publications, books, e-applications or public presentations, contributes to the knowledge base that furthers the advancement of the art, the science and the practice of landscape architecture.
Alissa North Puhm

Alissa is a professor at the University of Toronto who continually is involved in pursuing new ideas in Landscape Architecture. In addition to her duties at U of T she is a partner in North Design Office. Much of the office’s work is found in competitions and installations where Alissa is constantly testing new ideas. Many of these competitions and installations have resulted in many published articles about North Design Office's continued efforts to push the boundaries of the profession.

The work that Alissa has followed in her office and at U of T is part of the groundwork that has led to a new published work Operative Landscapes: Building Communities Through Public Space. This publication is a great reference document for offices and students to familiarize themselves with recent new design typologies that have entered the profession. The book illustrates the infinite ways to build community through a park, a river corridor, community gardens, plaza or streetscape. The book offers valuable analysis using suburb design examples.

This book for Alissa is a promising start for such a young and enthusiastic landscape architect. We look forward to Alissa’s continued growth in the profession and future books providing her insight and analysis of the contemporary landscape.
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