A.Le Coq Estonia's top summer beer
Archived Articles 28 Sep 2009  EWR
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Products of A. Le Coq occupied the first five places in the table of bestselling beers in Estonia in June and July, according to a recent study by AC Nielsen. The brewery has released the following results:

The winner by a wide margin was the Premium brand of beer of A. Le Coq released as a six-pack of cans, of which 873 800 liters were sold. The second and third placing beers were Double Bock and Disel, sold in two-liter PET bottles.

Premium, in a glass bottle, sold in packs of four, followed in fourth place while the canned variety of Alexander, also a brand of bottled beer by A. Le Coq, took fifth place.

Rival Saku Õlletehas had its most successful product - the Rock brand of beer marketed in PET bottles –place sixth. 557 800 liters of Rock were sold during the two summer months.

Saku's flagship Saku Originaal, in the canned version, (also available in Toronto), was in tenth place.
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