Aksel Pügi received certificate of recognition and achievement
Inimesed 21 Oct 2011  EWR
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Aksel Pügi

The work and achievements of the Estonian Heritage Club were honoured by Tartu College at the celebration of its 41st anniversary recently. The chairman of the college council, Jaan Meri, presented Aksel Pügi a certificate of recognition and achievement while the vice chairman, Kaja Telmet, thanked him with flowers. The recipient, who was ninety last winter, has been a member of the Estonian Heritage Club since 1984 and served as its chairman for many years. Starting in 2003, he has organized and continues to direct the recording and transfer of audio and video tapes to DVDs.

For three decades since de 1981, the Estonian Heritage Club, which has been housed at Tartu College since 2002, has collected, edited and archived around a thousand DVD recordings. Some six hundred are interviews and the remainder recordings of cultural events such as plays, concerts and lectures. In the future, it will continue to fulfill its mandate – “the collection, research, archiving and dissemination of information on the heritage of individuals of Estonian background through video, audio, photography and film”. (based partially on an article in “Eesti Elu”, 09.23.2011.
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