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AKEN Basaar #24 – May 10th 8 am -1pm
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AKEN Basaar #24 – May 10th 8 am -1pm
Recycle! Resell! Reuse!

With AKEN Basaar #24 just a month away, veteran AKEN committee members Helle Arro and
Ellen Leivat decided the time was right to give their grandchildren, products of today’s consumer generation, a lesson in the three R’s – recycle, resell and reuse!
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Of the three sets of grandchildren involved in the three R’s lesson, the two sets of sisters, Imbi and Eila and Eliise and Tuuli, are first cousins to each other and fourth cousins to brother-sister team Tyler and Jade, which means that this gang of six cousins have great, great, great grandparents in common – Villem and Liisu Kääramees, who were born and lived in Hiiumaa in the latter part of the 19th century and early part of the 20th
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So the lesson in the three R’s for the six cousins began with what life was like for their great, great, great grandparents some 130 years ago at a time when a new winter coat was a lifetime purchase and waste was minimal and ended with a talk about how in today’s consumer driven society the shelf life of consumer products often ends even before the items leave the shelf and how the earth’s core is filling up with non-degradable waste.

After the talk, the six cousins were all gung-ho to do their part to make sure their own reusable, re-sellable and recyclable clothing and toys don’t end up in a landfill. They were disappointed to learn that their grandmothers’ pet project, the AKEN basaar, no longer sells children’s clothing or toys, but were happy to hear that that there are plenty of other places that do….

Which leads us to the list of items that the giant recycling machine known as AKEN basaar will happily take off your hands on May 7th and May 8th, from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church at the corner of Carlton and Jarvis Streets:

• kitchen and household items, lamps, small electronics etc.
• glass, porcelain, crystal, pottery
• home decor items, collectables, vintage, giftware
• jewellery, watches
• accessories eg. hats, scarves, ties, gloves, purses etc.
• new & designer items eg. clothing, footwear, luggage etc.
• art, musical instruments, DVDs and CDs,
• personal care items, office supplies
• fabric, notions, yarn, linens etc.
• Estonian artifacts, current Estonian literature
• baked goods for the cafe

For further information you may contact the following:
Ellen Leivat: 416-482-9408 ; Maaja Matsoo: 416-691-0719
Cafe/bake sale: Tiia Remmelkoor 416-769-5743
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