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Estonian Canadian Historical Commission

Estonians in Canada

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Eero Tamm
Ene Timmusk
Eesti Keskarhiiv Kanadas

Welcome to the homepage of the Estonian Canadian Historical Commission!

The Estonian Canadian Historical Commission was formed in 1964 by decision of the Estonian Federation in Canada. Its mandate is to collect materials concerning the culture and activities of Canadian Estonians and to publish these materials in serial volumes. Thus far, the Commission has published three volumes: Eestlased Kanadas I - 19th century to 1972 (1975); Eestlased Kanadas II - 1973 to 1984 (1985); Eestlased Kanadas III - 1985 to 1997 (1997).

The Commission also publishes other materials concerning Canadian Estonians and the Estonian experience in Canada. The Commission keeps in close contact with the University of Tartu, the Elmar Tampõld, Chair of Estonian Studies at the University of Toronto and other similar institutions and organizations in Estonia, Canada, the United States and elsewhere.

On this webpage you will find the first four chapters of the first volume and English language summaries of the first and second volumes. Further chapters and their translations will be added as the Commission's financial resources and time allow.

Donations to the Commission may be made through the National Estonian Foundation of Canada for which an official tax receipt will be issued. Please make cheques payable to the National Estonian Foundation of Canada and mail to 958 Broadview Ave., Toronto, Ontario M4K 2R6 together with a letter explaining you wish the donation to be directed to the Estonian Canadian Historical Commission.

Peter Priit Aruvald

Estonian Canadian Historical Commission
958 Broadview Ave. Toronto, Ontario M4K 2R6