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Order by May 15, to take advantage of this pre-sale offer. If you have enjoyed recipes from Marika Blossfeldt’s newsletters, you will love her new book - Essential Nourishment: The feel good cookbook and food guide.

Your guide to energized living including 91 delicious whole food recipes for every day cooking. Each recipe comes with a luscious color photograph taken on her farm in Estonia

Eating well is not only a sensual and deeply satisfying experience but essential for our health and wellbeing. Learn how to make:

soothing soups
scrumptious salads
earthy grains
fabulous vegetables
awesome dressings and
delightful desserts

All recipes are down to earth, easy to prepare and allow you to fall in love with each ingredient. Despite their simplicity they offer a rich, pure and sophisticated taste experience. You will be surprised as to how lovely your basic vegetables, grains and greens can taste while at the same time providing your body with essential nourishment. You will find your body humming with joy when eating these foods.

In addition to the pleasures and health enhancing effects of these foods, this cookbook also provides you with a solid education in nutrition thereby greatly enhancing your understanding of the interconnectedness of nourishment, health and wellbeing. Use this book as a step by step guide towards an energized lifestyle infused with balance, vitality and joy. Each chapter concludes with suggestions how to integrate its core teachings into your daily life, so that you may experience:

abundance of energy
clarity of mind
strong immunity
stable moods
digestive wellness and
an uplifted spirit

To order your advance copy of Essential Nourishment for only $ 17.00 (2/3 of the retail price) and receive FREE shipping, mail your check made out to Marika Blossfeldt to 36 Lincoln Ave, Beacon NY 12508. Send along a letter stating how many copies you wish to order as well as your name, email and shipping address.

Be among the first to receive a copy of Essential Nourishment, mailed to you hot off the press in October 2009.

Wishing you a great week with lots of sunshine and spring blossoms,


Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, Referring Travel Agent

646 - 241 - 8478

Infuse your life with BALANCE, VITALITY and JOY
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