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Let us help children in Estonia 2006/2007

During the past year Action Estonia provided support to the following children’s groups in Estonia.

The Christian Youth Home in Tartu
More than 30 children live at the home. There are also more than 30 places for day children that are supervised during times when this is lacking at home. New children are usually only accepted when places become available, but there are always more applicants than places. This year two emergency placements had to be made to accommodate exceptional circumstances.

Here a gifted nine year old orphan is realizing her dream of receiving music lessons which would otherwise be impossible. Reverend Kalle Gaston, pastor at the local church applied on her behalf. He has taken a personal interest and is monitoring and encouraging her progress.

The Valga Children’s Support Fund
This fund has helped needy children for several years now. Its primary purpose has been to provide clothes and footwear in anticipation of winter, to make it possible for the recipients to properly attend school. The project is administered by the social services department of the Valga municipal government.

The computer room has now been in use for more than half a year. Reverend Ants Tooming informed us that many youths have been using it, improving their computer skills. This has been the case even during the summer when youthful interests tend to lie elsewhere and activities are frequently pursued in ways not always in accordance with the wishes of society.

Sillamäe Children’s Centre
The Tallinn International Rotary Club facilitated and supervised our washrooms project at the children’s center.

Altogether your support over the past year amounted to approx. EK85 thousand. A heartfelt thank you to all generous donors on behalf of the children’s support groups in Estonia.

Your Donations are forwarded to Estonia through the Ottawa Rotary Club.

Rotary issues eligible receipts for tax deductions purposes. There are minimal overhead expenses as the work is done by volunteers; thus almost the entire amount of your donation goes to the intended children’s groups in Estonia.

We hope that during the hectic Christmas season you can find time to think of youngsters in Estonia. As well when you reflect on happy Christmases past you might consider making an “in memoriam” donation on behalf of someone who is no longer among us this holiday season.

As in previous years, please mail your contributions to:

Action Estonia
Estonian Embassy in Ottawa
260 Dalhousie Street, Suite 210
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 7E4
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