Accident investigator: “Sinking of Estonia will haunt people for a long time to come”
Archived Articles 28 Sep 2009  EWR
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Helsingin Sanomat
Tuomo Karppinen of Finland’s Accident Investigation Board was in his bathroom shaving on the morning of September 28th, 1994 when he first heard about the sinking of the Estonian car and passenger ferry Estonia off the Finnish coast while en route from Tallinn to Stockholm.

Karppinen’s daughter came to the door and said: “A ship has sunk in the Archipelago Sea, and 800 people have drowned”.

“‘A ship can’t sink like that, certainly not in the Archipelago Sea’, I thought.”

“I went to work and immediately began making calculations of whether or not the load carried on a ship like the Estonia can cause a ship to tip it over in such a way that it would sink like that.”

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