A Trend in Tradition: fashion designer Liina Viira modernises the traditional folk costumes
Eestlased Inglismaal 26 Oct 2012  EWR
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By Tania Pisa in Culture

Estonian designer Liina Viira is changing the way we see the traditional folk costumes.

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Since regaining independence in 1991 Estonia has conceived a reputation of notable achievements. As the inventors of Skype, producers of Olympic medalists, and hosts of renowned song festivals, the people of this nation have a lot to boast about. Yet modest Estonians are often reluctant to flaunt their accomplishments. This may be the reason why the country of Estonia is still unknown to some people, and it might be surprising to learn that famous people such as actresses Erika Eleniak, and Mena Suvari, as well as models Carmen Kass, and Tiiu Kuik, are all Estonian.
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Photos by Liina Viira

Yet beautiful women are not Estonia’s only contribution to the film and fashion industries. Designers Kirill Safonov, Liina Stein, and Aulikki Puniste, to name but few, have each carved a name for themselves in the competitive world of haute couture. Although these designers possess their own unique style, signature characteristics of Estonian design does not appear to be wide spread amongst their designers...................
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