A medal of thanks from the Estonian people
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Request for donations

On the occasion of Estonia's 90th Independence Day celebration the Estonian President awarded a series of medals and acknowledgments, as is customary every year.

But once again, Second World War veteran Harald Nugiseks was deprived of this medal despite his having demonstrated great courage and ingenuity in the face of the (Soviet) enemy during WW2. Harald Nugiseks has repeatedly been nominated for the State decoration by numerous Estonian War Veterans' organizations.

This past February 18th at the forum of the Free and Independent Column #1 (hereinafter "FIC"), a proposition was made to honor Harald Nugiseks. Since the Estonian Constitution's first paragraph states: "Estonia is an independent and democratic Republic whose highest power is vested in the people", "FIC" decided to initiate the inauguration of such a medal and the honoring of Harald Nugiseks.

The idea to inaugurate such a medal of thanks a proposal was made at the 13th Memorial Conference for Jüri Kukk in Tartu on March 29th of this year (Transl: … and, in full view of the chronic lack of courage on the part Estonia's statesmen and politicians to duly honor those who fought for the independence of Estonia).

"FIC" wants to honor such valiant men but ours is an organization that has a modest membership of only 50 persons and our financial resources are very limited. Consequently we are basically dependent on the support of the people and on goodwill donations.

To inform the public of the intent to establish such a medal of thanks and of acknowledgment we placed "FIC's" proposal into various Internet forums, sent letters containing the petitions and signatures of 486 persons to newspapers, and organizations requesting support for the initiation of such a medal from the people.


Almost immediately thereafter newspapers such as Pärnu Postimees, Põlva (City) Koit, Kuulutaja in Western Virumaa, Teataja in Võrumaa, Ekspress in Harjumaa, and the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church newspaper Eesti Kirik (Estonian Church) became involved in this endeavor, as well as Internet news sites "Minut.ee", "Healthy Mind", and "Rada7".

None of the larger Estonian newspapers having large numbers of subscribers even bothered to print news of the said proposal. The media, television and radio, were silent on this issue.

As an exception Radio Mania of Tallinn did reveal news of the proposal.

Many thanks to all those who helped to get the word out and who informed their readers and listeners of the People's Award of Thanks.

Solicitation of supporting signatures

"FIC" started the campaign to collect supporting signatures through its Internet homepage. To provide a hands-on possibility for supporters of the birth of this medal, we proposed that they actively seek supporting signatures among the population. Fourteen persons volunteered for this undertaking and they collected 593 supporting signatures. Several of the volunteers reported that many Estonians do not know any of those who fought for Estonia's Independence (Transl: sic. Vivid, but sad, present-day proof in Estonia of the near-success of 50 years of Soviet propaganda and the thorough post World War II deportations of Estonians to Siberia) nor do these young Estonians know of the role Estonian soldiers played in the Second World War.

In light of this we decided to put out an informational folder, to (re)-introduce the role played by the Estonian soldier in the Second World War, therein as well, we exposed the idea to inaugurate a medal for Harald Nugiseks and the idea of the Medal in general.

We had 30,000 folders printed (which cost 13,000 Kroons... about 1,300 USD), which was financed from the "FIC's" funds. The distribution, again, was carried out by volunteers.

The largest number of signatures was obtained in Võru, where 478 supporting signatures were collected and about 6,000 folders were distributed. This, primarily, because we haven't the resources to go nationwide.

At present 2188 persons have given their supporting signature for the Estonian Peoples' Medal of Thanks. Funds have been donated to the cause by 89 individuals and 7 organizations, totaling 26,930 Kroons (about $2,700).

Since the medal is to be cast out of gold and the design is somewhat intricate, it will cost a total of 40,000 Kroons.

The needed sum is not yet available and it is because of this that we ask all who find it in their means to support the first such Medal of Thanks, to please use hereunder indicated coordinated.

"FIC" has asked that Mr. Erwin Pari to help in the collection of donated funds.
(Please scroll down for further information…)

The Ceremony to commemorate the Estonian Peoples' Medal of Thanks shall subsequently take place each year on October 19th, in Pärnu and this yearly FIC-organized ceremony shall be a manifestation for all the Estonian Soldiers who have fought for Estonia's independence from the Soviet Union.


A postscript from Erwin Pari:

Many of you know me as an Estonian-American New Yorker from years back…. the 50s, 60s, 70s…. Viiking Lipkond (The Estonian-American boy-scouts in NY), NYi Eesti Maja, NYi Eesti Täienduskool, skaudilaagrid, etc.

I know Ain Saar of The Free and Independent Column #1 and, although the organization's name is a bit dragged out, believe me, these guys are as Estonian-minded as they come (definitely not to be confused with the fanaticism that is prevalent in today's world).
They are very concerned about the kow-towing to the Kremlin that has been going on by Estonia's leaders and politicians since the restoration of Estonian independence from the grips of Soviet Russia.
Estonian pride must now be restored and history must be set straight. This is all about whether small nations have the right to speak out or not!
Please help Ain Saar and the FIC#1 to honor, not only our living hero, Harald Nugiseks, but other Estonian heroes, as well.

Every little bit helps in the advancement of this very essential cause.

Please consider mailing (even a small amount) in check form made out to my name,
Erwin Pari, to:

- E. Pari
P.O. Box 161053
San Diego, CA 92176

I'm starting the ball rolling with a $20.00 donation to FIC!

Thank you one and all!
E. Pari

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