A fun summer at Jõekääru awaits
Archived Articles 22 Jun 2007  EWR
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Summer has begun, school is almost out and the long-awaited summer camp at Jõekääru is about to begin!

The Board of Directors invites all to join in the fun, announcing that registration is well under way and that there is still room for more campers. Information and registration sheets are available on the Jõekääru website, www.joekaaru.ca

This summer the camp will be in operation for six weeks, from July 1 to August 11. Every week has its own theme:

Week 1 — Estonian Smorgasbord
Week 2 — Sports week
Week 3 — “Revisit the past”, baseball and football.
Week 4 — Preparations for Family Day (July 29) and more
Week 5 — “Best of the Best”
Week 6 — Wrap-up and final Ball.

Each week will feature interesting activities for all.

Once again a swimming program will be offered, children will have the opportunity to work towards diplomas and achievement badges depending on level of ability. These badges are factored in to the camp cost. Children who are interested in this program must enroll for 2 weeks.

The Camp Director is once again Raimo Heyduck; a number of counselors are coming to Jõekääru from Estonia. All campers will benefit from the Estonian language program, learning through play as well as structured activities.

The number of campers at Jõekääru has been on the rise in recent years; of late it has been around 160-170. This year at least 10 children are attending from Estonia; others are coming from all over North America. Thus are friendships formed…

The Jõekääru Summer Camp Society is grateful for all support. A number of relatives of recently deceased Estonians have asked fellow mourners to make a donation to the camp in lieu of flowers, for which the Board is thankful.

At present the camp cabins are undergoing renovations – with new roofs and exterior painting work having been completed. The Main building will also shortly be renovated. Immediately after the end of this summer’s camp construction of a new Arts Cabin will begin, thanks to a bequest from the Erika and Osvald Timmas Memorial Fund.

A fun-filled and exciting summer awaits and Jõekääru beckons!
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